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Price List and Stocklist must be requested through our a fax numbers or e-mail address. Contact form also available in our website. All prices are in U.S. dollars, F.O.B. Denpasar/Surabaya, Indonesia. Prices are subject to change without notice.

After receiving your order, we will send you our proforma invoice of your order including the freight rate, packing charges and other charges apply for the shipment. We will only process order after we received full proforma invoice amount in our bank account. Order will be send via best possible carrier and routing at the earliest available flight.

Packing Charges :
US$ 11.00/Box (Regular Box) or US$ 13.00/Box (Big Box)
Documents & Handling Charges :
US$ 150.00/Shipment
Certificate Of Origin (Form - A) :
US$ 30.00/Shipment (If required)
Cites Document :
US$ 3.00/Piece (Wild Coral Cites)
US$ 2.00/Piece (Cultured Coral Cites)
US$1.00/Kilogram (Liverock Cites)
Minimum 100 pieces per Cites and Maximum 10 items per page. US$ 50.00 for each additional Cites page.
Freight rate :
Varied on Destination, Airlines and Weight.
Payment :
Advanced payment required for all customers. We accept payment by Telegraphic Transfer to our bank account. We will send your order at the earliest available flight prior receiving advance payment in our bank account.
Our Bank :
Name : Sri Nurdi Astutik
Bank Name: PT. BANK MANDIRI Tbk.
Acc. No. : 143-00-0000082-6
Swift Code: BMIIDJA
D.O.A. Policy :
We packs all shipments for 48 hours of total travelling time (under non-extreme conditions). All shipments are made in good faith via the best possible carrier and routing. Should any carrier mishandling or delay occur, consignees must pick up shipments regardless of the circumstances. Refusal of a shipment for any reason voids any and all claims by both the consignee and the shipper on the carrier. Shipments must be picked up within 3 hours of arrival or when made available by the carrier. We cannot guarantee delivery time or be responsible for inconveniences caused by carrier delay or mishandling. If transit time is greater than 48 hours, or if boxes arrive damaged, the shipment must be inspected upon acceptance and any problems, damages or losses should be noted and acknowledged by an airline representative and the consignee must obtain a claim form at the time of pick-up. The inspection report, claim form, DOA list and a copy of the paid air-bill must be sent to us within 24 hours. Failure to follow any of the procedures above may void any claims to be paid by the carrier or us. If the above procedures are followed, We will issue 50% of the livestock claim on the next invoice, and the balance will be issued if and when the claim is paid in full by the airline.
Premium Marindo do not accept any D.O.A. claims for all transhipment orders. All customers must know how to properly acclimatise after receiving the shipment. (Acclimatisation procedures available in our F.A.Q section).
Guarantee :
Live arrival is only guaranteed on direct flights (non-transfer flights) and in the range of less than 5% DOA as standard use commonly in this business . Product selected in-person by your company representative is not guaranteed.


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